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Oncology: discover our partnership with Vernalis in video


Oncology: discover our partnership with Vernalis in video

Servier favors open collaboration to accelerate the development of therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients. Here is a video example of our partnership with the biotech Vernalis to advance research in oncology.


Convinced that work and ongoing dialogue between healthcare players is the best framework for rapid innovation focused on patients’ needs, Servier continues to expand and diversify its network of R&D partners.

This international and multidisciplinary network is made up of academic institutions, pharmaceutical groups and biotech companies. All of them are committed to Servier for the long term.

The partnership between Vernalis Research and Servier has been running since 2007 with several collaborations on different therapeutic targets.

In 2020, Vernalis Research and Servier expanded their collaboration in oncology with a new three-year research partnership that combines Vernalis’ structural biology strengths with Servier’s oncology expertise.

In 2021, the companies announced the achievement of 2 key steps in new drug development: a preclinical milestone and a research milestone. Read more

Did you know?

There are currently 40 Servier R&D projects in oncology (January 2022)

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