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[Infographics] French Telethon 2015 : mobilization for rare diseases and myopathies


[Infographics] French Telethon 2015 : mobilization for rare diseases and myopathies

Organized for the first time by the French Association against Myopathies (AFM) in 1987, the Telethon aims to raise funds for research on neuromuscular genetic diseases and certain rare genetic disorders.

Funding research projects on these diseases long held as incurable — especially myopathy for which there is currently no cure — is a real marathon.

Each year, it is this call for mobilization launched by the AFM Telethon that creates awareness about the need to encourage research efforts. This national mobilization not only allows the development of 30 innovative therapeutic trials supported by the association as part of its ‘Cure’ mission, but also helps and supports people living with these diseases. It also contributes to sharing research progress with families, health professionals and the general public.

Myopathies are rare genetic diseases that cause degeneration of muscles sometimes from childhood. 200 neuromuscular disorders are so far listed as such, whether of genetic or inflammatory origin. If no cure has been found so far, there are ways to limit damages to motor skills, as well as cardiac and respiratory functions.

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