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A Servier campaign to raise awareness about angina pectoris


A Servier campaign to raise awareness about angina pectoris

Angina pectoris is a condition that could be induced due to multiple raisons and expresses as chest pain either during physical exercise, or even at rest. Called angina for short, it significantly reduces quality of life and leads to higher risks of serious cardiovascular disease, job loss or depression.

In figures:

More than 100 million1 people worldwide suffer from angina.
30%2 of people with angina are not diagnosed.

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Fatigue, stress, chest pain, jaw pain, breathing difficulties… There are many symptoms and often times not enough attention is paid to them. Angina is still under-diagnosed, and patients often do not always receive optimal treatment. In order to ensure better diagnosis and treatment of angina, Servier launched in April worldwide Use Heart to act Now on Angina awareness campaign, developed in collaboration with the World Heart Federation.

“We are proud to partner with the World Heart Federation in this new edition of Use Heart to act Now on Angina,” says Tamara Krcmar, Global Medical Communication Lead on Angina & Heart Failure, “Servier’s participation for the second consecutive year in this awareness campaign illustrates our mobilization to strengthen chronic cardiovascular disease management.”

“Angina awareness initiatives are really important because it is estimated that 30% of people suffering from angina are still not diagnosed 2 and 40%3 of patients who are already treated for angina still suffer angina symptoms due to suboptimal treatment,” explains Zebedee Tay, Angina Franchise Director.

The angina awareness campaign has been deployed during April on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Angina Workshops – discover patient testimonials

Servier teams organized workshops on Angina with the patient association Global Heart Hub. Seven patients participated to share experiences and information about angina pectoris. Patient interviews and a brochure provide concrete data and tips to improve patients’ quality of life.

Angina Patient Story – Denis

Angina Patient Story – Susan

Angina Patient Story – Joann

Angina Patient Story – Enda

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