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A crowdsourcing strategy to further Servier’s research endeavour and transformation


A crowdsourcing strategy to further Servier’s research endeavour and transformation

Why crowdsourcing? Recent years have seen unprecedented progress in therapeutic research, particularly since the advent of the biotechnologies, in terms of understanding diseases and developing techniques to devise effective, safe and increasingly complex medicines. This new era of research has led to the players all sharing their knowledge and expertise. Which is why, over the past 5 years, Servier has established 250 research partnerships in both the public and private domains.

In line with this open and collaborative approach, and in the spirit of collective commitment characteristic of the company, Servier has set up internal and, more recently, external crowdsourcing initiatives to germinate original solutions.
Following our previous challenge in early November, Servier is once again using InnoCentive’s crowdsourcing platform to find solutions that benefit patients. This Request-for-Partners Challenge is designed to expedite collaboration with the best possible partners in exploring novel opportunities in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease:


This year has been marked by the successes of two inhouse initiatives in our fields of expertise:
– One in phlebology, which led to the emergence of 207 ideas from 37 countries to optimise the detection and management of venous diseases, improve treatment adherence, and propose global therapeutic solutions.

– And another seeking to make it easier for patients with serious chronic illnesses, as well as those close to them, to live with their conditions. This resulted in 96 valid project ideas.

Crowdsourcing is now a concept firmly embedded at Servier. In little time, it has led to the emergence of many ideas thanks to being able to call on our 21 000 members of staff. What is more, this concept also helps enable each employee to contribute quickly and directly to the development of Servier, in line with its vision of cultivating individual and collective commitment.

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