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40th year of operations in Brazil


40th year of operations in Brazil

Now in its 40th year of operations in Brazil,

Servier plans to launch 15 new medicines, including oncology drugs, and aims for strong growth in Brazil over the next 10 years

The Servier Group marks 40 years of operations in Brazil by announcing a package of investments in the country. In the next five years, the pharmaceutical company plans to launch 15 new medicines to treat patients suffering not only from diabetes, but also cancer and cardiovascular diseases, these being the second-highest cause of death in Brazil. With a factory producing 500 million tablets per year, and a R&D center where more than 20 clinical trials have already been performed, the company is increasingly investing in research and supporting social projects in collaboration with Brazilian medical societies and public research institutions. Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), for example, is a partner in cooperative projects to be announced on April 6th in a ceremony that will celebrate the group’s forty years of operations in Brazil. The president of the Servier Group, Olivier Laureau, the president of Fiocruz, Paulo Gadelha, and Brazilian authorities will be attending the event.

“We have been active in Brazil for 40 years now, so we have seen crises similar to the current one. We do not fear moments like this. We believe in the country, and with the responsibility that comes from treating 1 million patients every month; we will invest more and more, aiming to develop our activities from BRL 300 million in 2016, to BRL 800 million in 2021 and to BRL 2 billion by 2026 “ says the local manager of the group in Brazil, Christophe Sabathier.

Studies show that the Brazilian healthcare market may jump from sixth to fourth in the world in 2018, with an annual growth of up to 12%. To address these investments in new medicines, Servier’s team will be expanded by 30% over the next five years. The group is the 9th biggest European investor in the industry, and every year it assigns 25% of its revenues to research and development efforts. Nearly 50% of this amount goes to oncology, and Brazil is a priority country where 500,000 new cases of cancer are reported every year.

One of the partnerships that will be announced in April is in the field of cancer research. Along with Fiocruz, Servier will study about 6,000 plant extracts from Brazilian biodiversity in search of new medicines to fight cancer. The Servier Research Center in Croissy (Paris) will offer its testing facilities to Fiocruz researchers, who will be working with Servier’s Team of Biotechnology, Biology and Chemistry Expertise. Through technology transfer mechanisms, Fiocruz will beable to produce the medicines developed from this partnership, in order to supply the Brazilian Public Health System. At the same time a Servier Fiocruz prize rewarding Central System Nervous research programs will be announced during the ceremony.

The celebrations of Servier’s 40th anniversary in Brazil will feature the second edition of the Sergio Ferreira Awards, an initiative taken in cooperation with the Brazilian Society of Cardiology. By assigning the name of Sergio Ferreira to this award, the two organizations wished to pay tribute to one of the most famous Brazilian researchers, who participated in a discovery that has revolutionized the control of hypertension and its cardiovascular complications. The first edition of the award took place in June 2015, and recognized ten national research centers for the work they had been doing on hypertension.

Among the 30 main pharma groups in the world, Servier has recorded 3.9 billion Euros in world sales. It has a unique business model: Servier is a private foundation, 100% dedicated to innovative drug research and development, into which 100% of the profits are reinvested each year. Therefore, there is no distribution of dividends. This structure was designed by founder Jacques Servier to ensure sustainability and independence from the stock market.

“Ultimately, the beneficiaries are the patients, because the income from the sales of our medicines is reinvested in research. This model permits long-term commitment, and we are proud to have been committed for 40 years in Brazil. However, this is just a start as we will increase our investment and scientific cooperation with concrete projects such as the contracts we signed today with the Fiocruz“, Olivier Laureau explained.


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