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Work at Servier and experience a long-term relationship of trust


At Servier, our ambition is for you to experience a long-term relationship of trust that will encourage you to express your qualities and further develop your skills.
Starting with an individually tailored induction program, you can share what you are passionate about with teams committed to therapeutic progress for the benefit of patients.
You can build a rich and varied professional career, in France and abroad. Servier is involved at each stage of the drug chain and brings together all professions in research and development, production, and promotion, as well as cross-functional activities.
You can join a working environment in which goodwill and the pleasure of working together take priority.
We are currently reinventing ourselves so as to better fulfill our corporate purpose and help provide future generations with a world where quality health care is available to all. When you join the Servier Group, you become one of the driving forces of this purpose!


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People-focused recruitment for successful integration


Forging a long-term relationship of trust begins with recruitment. We are convinced that the success of our Group is based not just on the talents and diversity of our staff, but also on how well our needs and values and your plans and personality fit together.
That is why, in addition to the recruitment interviews conducted with you, Servier has a policy of meeting with professional referees of your choice, whether from the public-private or voluntary sector.
The purpose of these interviews, carried out by a trusted partner, are to get to know you better, confirm that your profile suits the position on offer, and facilitate your integration.
Because your fulfillment is our success.

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