Understanding the goals of our research partnership with ImmunoQure


On the 6 February 2018, Servier and ImmunoQure AG entered into strategic partnership for the development of an Interferon- human autoantibody


Why has Servier signed a research partnership with biotechnology company ImmunoQure?

ImmunoQure has an original research focus – a biotechnology company interested in patients with a rare pathology. What makes these patients rare is that they naturally develop auto-antibodies that can be used for therapeutic purposes to treat certain diseases.


What is the therapeutic goal of this research partnership for Servier?

During research, ImmunoQure identified an autoantibody that neutralises a pro-inflammatory protein involved in several auto-immune diseases: interferon-a. . It is on the antibody against this interferon‑a that Servier will be focusing its development activities. The aim is to propose this antibody as a drug candidate to treat inflammatory auto-immune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and Gougerot-Sjögren syndrome, two rare pathologies for which there is a very high medical need.


What would be patient benefit?

The therapeutic antibody developed has the twofold advantage of being directed against a major pathogenic agent present in both systemic lupus erythematosus and Gougerot-Sjögren syndrome and being totally compatible with the organism, since it is of human origin. Compared with current therapeutic approaches aimed at reducing interferon-a levels, the antibody discovered by ImmunoQure has the additional advantage of specifically neutralising all subtypes of interferon-a (about twenty). This discovery opens the way to the more effective treatment of a large majority of patients.