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Servier partners with French start-up Epigene Labs to launch a new application in the field of oncology


Servier partners with French start-up Epigene Labs to launch a new application in the field of oncology

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Paris, January 26, 2022 – Servier, an independent international pharmaceutical company, has partnered with French start-up Epigene Labs to develop an artificial intelligence-based application that prioritizes new cancer drug targets to determine the best therapeutic pathway to treat cancer patients. The application will be deployed within Servier R&D in the first quarter of 2022.

Founded in January 2019, French startup Epigene Labs has developed the mCUBE platform with augmented intelligence for aggregating and analyzing genomic data in oncology to derive biomarkers and prioritize new cancer drug targets.

Based on Epigene Labs’ mCUBE platform, the application is perfectly suited for oncology projects and Servier R&D users. The mCUBE platform allows users to cross-analyze clinical and molecular data (omics data) through a suite of dynamic dashboards, accelerating the decision-making process in the early phases of oncology projects.

Epigene Labs has developed this application based on specifications provided by Servier’s teams from several fields of expertise (Bioinformatics, IT/data, oncology, Digital Information and Data System – DIDS). The mCUBE platform is widely deployed among Servier R&D users. In order to ensure continuous improvement, users will regularly share their feedback with Epigene Labs teams.


According to Céline Lefebvre, Ph.D., who leads the computational medicine team at Servier R&D and who is in charge of this project: “Epigene Labs has delivered a solution that is perfectly adapted to Servier’s projects in the field of oncology and that is in line with Servier’s Data&IA R&D strategy. The mCUBE platform will accelerate our decision making. It is a great lever for improving our working methods for the benefit of cancer patients.


Akpéli Nordor, Pharm.D., Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Epigene Labs, added, “Epigene Labs is pleased to work with Servier to demonstrate the utility of its tools. As oncologists, we have a unique understanding of the tools other oncologists need to accelerate data-driven drug discovery, biomarker identification and patient selection. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Servier to rapidly deliver the best treatments to cancer patients.”


The partnership with Epigene Labs illustrates Servier’s open and collaborative innovation dynamic, which aims to surround itself with a network of diversified partners to accelerate therapeutic innovation and offer patients innovative and personalized treatments.


Céline Triquel, Open Innovation Project Manager at Servier, concludes: “This project called for collaborative work methods, agility, courage and perseverance, with the objective of developing innovations for the patient. I would like to thank all the contributors to this project, which illustrates our willingness and ability to access and integrate cutting-edge technologies, driven by open innovation and supported by the startup@servier program. “*


* The startup@servier program aims to create value for the startup and Servier with the objective of accelerating therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients. A first phase of joint work allows the startup to conduct a key study or pilot application of a technology, before entering into a classic collaboration.



About Servier

Servier is a global pharmaceutical group governed by a Foundation. With a strong international presence in 150 countries and a total revenue of 4.7 billion euros in 2020, Servier employs 22,500 people worldwide. Servier is an independent group that invests over 20% of its brand-name revenue in Research and Development every year. To accelerate therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients, the Group is committed to open and collaborative innovation with academic partners, pharmaceutical groups, and biotech companies. It also integrates the patient’s voice at the heart of its activities, from research to support beyond the pill.

A leader in cardiology, the ambition of the Servier Group is to become a renowned and innovative player in oncology. Its growth is based on a sustained commitment to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, oncology, neuroscience and immuno-inflammatory diseases. To promote access to healthcare for all, the Servier Group also offers a range of quality generic drugs covering most pathologies More information: servier.com.

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About Epigene Labs

Epigene Labs is creating the intelligence-augmenting solution for precision oncology research and drug development. Designed by cancer scientists for cancer scientists, the company’s mCUBE platform accelerates data-driven drug discovery, biomarker identification, and patient selection — to bring better treatments to patients faster. Based in Paris and Boston, Epigene Labs was initially incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs and launched in France with the support of prominent European investors. Epigene Labs has partnerships with world-class cancer research institutes and biopharmaceutical companies, including Institut Curie, iTeos Therapeutics, Laboratoires Servier, and UCSF. In 2020, Epigene was named one of the Top 30 Startups in Station F, the world’s largest startup campus, and in 2021, the company was selected to receive significant EU funding as part of the highly selective European Innovation Council Accelerator program. . For more information, visit www.epigenelabs.com.


Contact presse : akpeli@epigenelabs.com

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