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Servier celebrates 60 years of its establishment in Spain


Servier celebrates 60 years of its establishment in Spain

On this occasion, Olivier Laureau the president of the Servier group participates in an internal celebration event in Madrid. This is an opportunity to review Servier’s presence in Spain and what makes it successful in this country and contributes to the Group’s success in the world.

Since the creation of its subsidiary in Madrid in 1957, Servier has developed around four activities: commercial operations, pharmaceutical production in Madrid (1982), chemical production in Toledo (1978) and the International Centre for Therapeutic Research in Madrid (1984).

Each of these sites is directly involved in Servier’s success. Discover some of the highlights of each of them.


Servier Espana, the subsidiaty « pieza clave »

To improve its performance, Servier Spain has defined its transformation project by a single phrase: Tú eres pieza clave (You are the key player). The subsidiary wishes to construct this project on a base of confidence, exchanges, empowering and transparency, with a primary objective: for everyone to be proud to be part of Servier Spain and contribute to its success!

To achieve this, in 2018, the subsidiary implemented a more agile and competitive organisational structure which aims to empower each player and favour new ideas and innovation.

The strength of Servier Spain lies in the commitment of each one of us to face the challenges of tomorrow.” Régis Fedrigo, Managing Director


An excellence center to lead crossover Servier clinical trials

By working for different R&D departments (Clinical Trials, QA R&D, Center for Therapeutic Innovation and Data Governance), the organisation of the clinical center (CIRT) in Spain is an example of crossover.

Since 2016, Spain has taken the lead over other European countries by integrating the European regulations governing clinical trials into its procedures. This has enabled us to significantly reduce the time it takes to publish these studies. Furthermore, progress within the Phase 1 oncology units, and the creation in June 2017 of the network for paediatric clinical trials, has favoured the participation of the ICTR in Spain in the early stages for the majority of products in the Group`s five therapeutic areas, and in the most innovative solutions such as UCART19.

Spain is one of the key players in the development of the Group`s portfolio and contributes to Servier’s goal which is to launch a new molecule every 3 years.

On another note, the Research carried out by the ICTR is seen as a strategic element in the subsidiary`s results, in contributing, for example, to obtaining the PROFARMA qualification “Muy bueno” (very good) – awarded by the Government to encourage research and innovation.

While the ICTR is multiplying its international partners, it has, above all, the willingness to create a link with patients. Their needs are at the heart of all its actions (e.g. initiatives are being taken with patient associations on a study in autism).


Madrid & Toledo: the two areas of expertise of Servier industry

Servier has a chemical factory in Toledo and a pharmaceutical factory in Madrid. In all there are 135 staff who are involved on a daily basis in the production of 12 drugs, following procedures which are constantly being improved in terms of quality, cost and timing.

Since 2015, the teams have set up the various measures of the OPEX Plan (Operational Excellence). The aim is to reduce Group production costs by 25% by 2020. During the period 2015-2017, the site had already obtained a drop of 30%.

Strengthened by these achievements, the site in Madrid can concentrate on its second priority: implementing aggregation for traceability of all packaging stages. This project, MATRIX, is important for the factory which is clearly ahead of the legislation regarding the fight against drug counterfeiting.

The chemical factory in Toledo is developing a different range of activities. It is the Group supplier for ten intermediate synthetic products necessary for the manufacture of main active ingredients. Toledo also plays a major role in the R&D processes, collaborating closely with the Bolbec site for future drugs, in particular for oncology.

Equipped with modern technological equipment, the factory is today involved in two major operations: reduction of production costs and the development of the CDMO activity, as much in production as in R&D. It wants to participate in the active CSR approach, in phase with future Industrial codes.


Servier Spain is working with the Red Cross to combat depression

The Spanish Red Cross, in collaboration with the subsidiary, launched, in October 2018, on European Depression Day, the Dexpresionismo project. Its purpose is to contribute to reducing the social stigma widely associated with depression. Via a campaign of information and awareness on the impact of depression on quality of life in patients who suffer from depression, Dexpresionismo is an artistic movement uniting psychiatrists, doctors and depressed patients around Spanish artists. These workshops allow the creation of works of art showing the reality of the illness which will then be displayed with the aim of improving awareness and the social visibility of this pathology, its understanding, and eventually, relay a positive and hopeful message of the possibility of complete recovery.

To find out more (site in Spanish): www.dexpresionismo.es


Launch of the project Paso a Paso, Todos Sumamos

The well-being and health of all our employees is an integral part of the transformation of the Group and its values (Take care). Strengthened by this conviction, Servier Spain has launched a challenge to all its staff: to do a complete tour of Spain – 3,200 Km! – by walking, running or cycling within one month (November 2018). The objective has been widely achieved. As a result, a donation has been made to EuropaColón España, an association for patients suffering from colorectal cancer.


  • 60 M€: Turnover for the subsidiary in 2017-18
  • 348 staff over 4 sites
  • 20 products commercialised in Spain (7 of these produced at the Madrid site)
  • 4 million boxes produced in 2017-18
  • 246 tons/year of chemical production at Toledo (all exported)
  • 23 studies in progress in R&D


  • 1957: creation of the Madrid subsidiary
  • 1978: Start of chemical production activities at Toledo, then pharmaceutical production in Madrid in 1982
  • 1984: Creation of ICTR Spain
  • 2013: Launch of new R&D Pilot Factory
  • 2014: Creation of Oncology unit
  • Implementation of serialisation, aggregation and traceability of each bo


  • 3 kings under 10 years old, have reigned in Spain: Carlos II, Isabel II and Alfonso XIII.
  • Several Spanish inventions: submarine, Chupa Chups, mayonnaise, table football, digital calculator, and even the floorcloth.
  • 1,700 € per head: this is the cost of dinner at Sublimotion, one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, and found in Ibiza.
  • The Spanish national anthem is, with that of Kosovo, one of the only two national anthems in the world without words.
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