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Professor Michel Sadelain wins the 2018 Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier Prize for his work on immunoregulation and cancer


Professor Michel Sadelain wins the 2018 Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier Prize for his work on immunoregulation and cancer

Paris, 16 October 2018 – The 2018 Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier Prize was awarded today to Professor Michel Sadelain, Director of the Center for Cell Engineering at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York).


Professor Michel Sadelain


For over 20 years, Professor Sadelain has been working on gene programming for immunity responses. Professor Sadelain is world renowned for the concept, preclinical demonstration, and clinical application of a new cancer immunotherapy based on the use of synthetic receptors, which he has called chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). Following the experimental demonstration of the therapeutic efficacy of human T lymphocytes directed by CARs, his team carried out extensive therapeutic trials that resulted in full remission for cases of leukaemia and refractory lymphomas. His work has demonstrated the therapeutic potential of genetically programmed T lymphocytes.

The 2018 Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier Prize winner has been recognized for his biomedical discoveries and his therapeutic application in the area of immunoregulation and cancer.

Professor Sadelain follows previous Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier Prize laureates including such renowned international scientists as Professor Merril Benson in 2003 (amyloses), Professor Lucienne Chatenoud and Professor George Eisenbarth in 2006 (auto-immunity and type 1 diabetes), Professor Endel Tulving in 2009 (neuropsychology of memory), Professor Caroline Dive in 2012 (circulating biomarkers) and Professor Félix Rey in 2015 (emerging viral pathogens).

“It is a great honour to receive this prize, which represents an important milestone with the development of this research,” said Professor Sadelain. “Both my team and I are touched by this recognition from L’Institut Servier and the Pasteur Council, and this expression of confidence will enable us to continue with our work.”

“We are delighted and proud to award this 2018 Pasteur-Weizmann/Servier Prize, which aims to encourage research on immunoregulation for cancers, to Professor Sadelain,” confirmed Béatrice Guardiola-Lemaître, Delegate-General of L’Institut Servier. “Through the quality of his research, he has successfully demonstrated all the therapeutic potential of CARs and made it possible to open up a new path forward in the fight against cancer.”


Académie des sciences, Paris, France


The Pasteur-Weizmann / Servier Prize, awarded every three years, is one of the world’s most prestigious research prizes. Created by the Pasteur-Weizmann Council and L’Institut Servier, this €250,000 prize recognizes an internationally renowned researcher, medical doctor or scientist, and/or their team for a major contribution to a biomedical discovery leading to a therapeutic application.

It aims to promote and encourage fundamental research and in particular, the transition from fundamental research to medical therapy.



Pasteur-Weizmann Council

Chaired by Maurice Lévy, the Pasteur-Weizmann Council’s goal is to develop scientific collaboration between Institut Pasteur and Weizmann Institute of Science for their biomedical research: organisation of symposia, collaboration on doctoral teaching programmes, exchanges of scientists between the two institutes, funding of collaborative research programmes, awarding of grants for young researchers, and postdoctoral fellowships.

Learn more at https://www.weizmann-france.com/.


L’Institut Servier

Its mission is to develop all forms of research and scientific knowledge to drive medical progress, organising high-level conferences, awarding grants enabling postdocs, medical students and researchers to prepare for qualifications outside of their home country, through partnerships with dedicated healthcare organisations around the world, corporate philanthropy programmes or sponsorship initiatives with training organizations in emerging countries. These various projects are carried out without any promotion of Servier products.
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