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Egis intensifies its acquisition strategy in 2017


Egis intensifies its acquisition strategy in 2017

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC, a Servier’s generic pharmaceutical company, has acquired Sorbifer’s product rights from AstraZeneca. The transaction reinforces Egis’ position on its key markets.

Egis has already been producing, distributing and promoting Sorbifer in 18 CEE and CIS markets since 1985 under a licence agreement with AstraZeneca. The product has become one of the major brands of Egis, the fifth largest of the company.

Sorbifer® is an anti-anemia prescription drug, which has a strong position in the CEE and CIS markets, particularly in Russia and Poland.

“We have been present in 18 countries for quite a while with this medicine. Thanks to its very positive perception among physicians and according to our plans, Sorbifer® will contribute to the health of even more people in the future.” – stated dr. István Hodász, CEO of Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC.

As he explained, the current transaction is part of the company’s growth and acquisition strategy in key markets. Within the frame of this strategy Egis has already announced two successful acquisitions in 2017: D-Panthenol and a women’s health product portfolio in Russia.

Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, Egis is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies operating principally in the CEE and CIS region. The company’s activities extend from R&D through the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and final products to sales and marketing.

In its 2015/2016 business year, 80% of Egis’ turnover of EUR 536 million derived from exports. The company’s APIs, solid forms, injections and galenic products are sold in nearly 60 countries worldwide. Egis products are sold under its brand in 18 countries through its own commercial network.

The company continues to seek high quality portfolio-expanding opportunities, explore new markets and strengthen its position in its strategic countries, primarily in the OTC segment.

For more information, go to www.egis.hu

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