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Forms of commitment


We financially support the partnerships which are validated by our Selection Committee. This is the case for all our partner associations. For example, the CUOMO Centre in Dakar is the fruit of a common ambition uniting the Cuomo Foundation (the main funder of the project) and Fann Hospital. Mécénat Servier financed the training of the Senegalese medical team for six months by an experienced Vietnamese team from Ho Chi Minh City Hospital.


Employees have the possibility of getting involved in general interest associations. To do this, they can devote part of their working and leave time (two days per year per employee) to an association as part of a specific pre-defined mission.


Proposed by Planète Urgence, this system allows employees to act at the request of a local organisation. Volunteer employees travel to Asia, Africa and Latin America as part of an international solidarity mission (providing teaching and transferring know-how and knowledge) to help populations to become more autonomous.