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Our compliance policy

Compliance rules help each employee act in accordance with the standards of integrity and ethics of the Group. They apply to all employees and managers in each and every country where we operate.


A good medicinal product results from the successful collaboration of physicians — who express the needs of patients and test the medicines —and pharmaceutical companies that listen. That is why professionals and healthcare companies need to work together to improve patient access to existing and novel therapeutic solutions.

– Defining our future research programs with the expertise of health professionals by better ascertaining patient needs.

– Better understanding the use of a medicinal product in real conditions in order to adjust any pertaining medical information.

Such collaborations are complex and require both communication and transparency. For this reason we are committed to declaring our connections with healthcare professionals and organisations through the European Federation of Industries and Pharmaceutical Associations (EFPIA) Disclosure Code.

We inform every healthcare professional we work with about the collective commitment to the Disclosure Code, as well as local laws and regulations, particularly with regard to their rights.

What is the EFPIA disclosure code?

The EFPIA code of conduct was created in order to better understand the indispensable partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and the medical community. It is a self-regulating approach whereby pharmaceutical companies commit to make public their interactions with healthcare professionals and organisations. It was first initiated by the industry at a European level and has since been adapted to national levels, tailored to the local features and requirements of individual countries.

What are the rules of local transparency?

In many countries, the regulatory authorities have developed publication rules concerning relations between scientific communities and pharmaceutical companies. The terms and conditions for these publications may vary from one country to another. However, the objective remains the same for all: Transparency provides invaluable insight into better understanding the vital role of these interactions.

Servier and local disclosures

Clicking on the link below will direct you to Servier’s disclosures made in accordance with the local regulations and provisions of the EFPIA Disclosure Code.


More information on the EFPIA Disclosure Code can be found on the European website