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Digestive cancers – “MyFood” brochure  


Digestive cancers – “MyFood” brochure  

The objective of the SHAPE program is to develop, in cooperation with the DiCE coalition (represented by patients, patient advocates, caregivers) and health care professionals (oncologists, psycho-oncologists, nurses, pharmacists), tools to improve the quality of life of gastrointestinal cancer patients and to support them and their families throughout their cancer journey.

This initiative led to the publication of four brochures, co-produced with patient experts and representatives of digestive cancer patients and health care professionals.

From content to design, patients participated in the process of reflection and creation of three brochures, each in two versions: one for patients and the second for health care professionals so that they can better understand their patients and provide appropriate answers to their questions.

Cover of My Food brochure for health care professionals
Cover of My Food brochure for patients

For health care professionals

The “MyFood” brochure for health care professionals has been designed to help respond to patients’ questions and concerns through practical advice and different resources.

For patients

The “MyFood” brochure aims to help patients living with digestive cancer adapt their diets to their personal situation, to be able to regain the pleasure of eating.

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