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Our 5 therapeutic areas

Servier focuses its R&D on 5 therapeutic areas. Within each of them,
the Group has chosen to specialize in a limited number of diseases
where medical needs remain major.


    The number of patients affected by cancer is steadily on the rise. From now until 2032, the number of new cases per year is expected to double, reaching beyond 22 million. Cancer has become a key focus of therapeutic research for our Group and is now a top priority, as proven by the acquisition of Shire’s oncology branch in 2018.

    Our R&D programs are exploring two tracks: therapies aimed at the restoration of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells, and mobilizing the immune system (immuno-oncology).

    Innovation in oncology also relies on close collaboration between industrial and academic partners involved in the research and development of new anticancer treatments. Servier has entered into numerous partnerships with academic institutions as well as with industrial partners and/or biotechnology companies.