Our governance

We are an independent group governed by a Foundation: Servier International Research Foundation (Fondation Internationale de Recherche Servier – FIRS).

The legal structure of the Servier Group, an international pharmaceutical company, aims for:

– independence, stability and sustainability,
– unity and harmony,
– and, to be a group of people and not of capital.

This structure allows the group’s vocation to express itself fully: to be committed to therapeutic progress for the benefit of patients.

The general principle of this unique structure is to dissociate the power (i.e. administration and control) from the ownership of capital (i.e. the group’s assets).


Why a Foundation ?

– The power is ensured by a governance Foundation ‘FIRS’ (meaning Foundation Internationale de Recherche Servier) without capital and not for profit;

– This includes the power to appoint or dismiss group leaders;

– The capital of the group is held, in part, by French non-profit associations and is self-controlled by the other party (legal scheme enabling an enterprise to own its own capital);

– The holding company of the group (Servier SAS) is therefore not held by any individual. It reinvests all its benefits into therapeutic progress.

A stable, sustainable and independent group


I – Governance
The FIRS Foundation comprises the following bodies:

1 – A Foundation Council composed of a President, an Executive Committee and other members. All are employees of the group.

list of members

2 – A Supervisory Board composed of separate members of the Foundation Board.
Its mission is to ensure that the Group’s founding principles are respected.

list of members


II – The Capital

The capital is held, on one hand, by French non-profit associations and is, and on the other hand, self-controlled (legal scheme allowing an enterprise to hold its own capital).

The members of the associations are the group companies.
The purpose of these associations is the development of research and medical knowledge.


III – The Group

As mentioned above, the holding company of the group (Servier SAS) is not held by any individual.
It controls 100% of the group’s operating subsidiaries worldwide.
It reinvests all its benefits in the therapeutic progress and development of the group.