Our Ethics

Servier is an international pharmaceutical group, governed by a foundation. We are committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs.
At the heart of this vocation is our code of ethics, which is rooted in the values that sustain us and shape our conduct.


These values are the cornerstone of our corporate culture and support each employee in fulfilling the vocation of the company:




Our values guide our attitudes and our ways of being, doing, and working with both internal and external partners.


We are committed to doing everything to ensure that all our activities comply with the laws, regulations, and good practices of the countries where we operate, while at the same time respecting their culture.


Our values and ethical standards foster compliance and corporate social responsibility, which inspire ethical and responsible behavior by all our employees, thereby fulfilling our vocation.

– Compliance is defined as all processes ensuring that employees, managers, and directors observe the standards applicable to the company and respect our corporate values and the ethos imbued by the directors.

– Corporate Social Responsibility denotes how companies help to resolve the make-or-break issues of sustainable development. Our company freely takes on board social and environmental concerns in its relations with all its business partners.


Every company employee should adhere to and embody our code of compliance and our code of ethics, both of which will be drawn up using our Ethics Charter in keeping with our policy of corporate social responsibility.