Post-Doctoral position in Medicinal Chemistry (Fragment based Drug Discovery) (h/f)

Department : R&D
Reference : PDMC310816
Date : 01/09/2016
Place : Suresnes


Training period (18 months) in Suresnes (Paris)

SERVIER is France’s 2nd pharmaceutical group employing 21 000 people worldwide, and has achieved a consolidated turnover of € 4.2 billion, 91% comes from our international operations and is reinvested each year, 27% in research and development of new molecules. Servier is well known for its attention to the wellbeing of the staff, with particular importance placed on career evolution within the Group, and to an agreeable and productive working environment.


The overall goal of this post-doctoral project is to optimize novel fragments (small and simple substructures of drug-like compounds) into potent and bioactive inhibitors. The research program will focus on the synthesis and study of Structure-Activity Relationships of new families of molecules derived from a "fragment" approach. The Fragment-based Drug Discovery is a new drug discovery paradigm developed by the pharmaceutical industry to try to reduce the rate of attrition of drug candidates by producing more effective molecules. In practice, this approach is an alternative to standard high-throughput screening (HTS) when it is not possible to identify drug-like molecules to a given target.

The conduct of the mission will focus on several aspects:

• propose strategies for the synthesis and recovery of key intermediates

• design and efficient syntheses of molecules targeting key interactions with the anchor points of the active biological site of interest

• multi-disciplinary interactions (Molecular Modeling, Structural Biology, Pharmacology…)

Keywords: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Fragment-based Drug Discovery


Expected Skills:

Applicants should have a PhD in organic chemistry. Proven expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry is essential. Knowledge and skills in Fragment-based Drug Discovery would be appreciated.

The candidates need to be self-motivated, rigorous and organized and must have the ability to work as part of a team and possess excellent written and oral communication skills. Good working level of French would be appreciated.

Please send application (cover letter, cv, list of publications)